pic: Why we work in New Hampshire

This is the main reason I love New Hampshire: The Basin and the surrounding area.
If anyone from NH has ever been there, they can tell you it’s a beautiful place to be; the water is clear and cool, the views are spectacular…it’s a place where you can really lose yourself.

I agree, I love New Hampshire. It really is an amazing place to live in my opinion.

A few pics from the Basin

Yeah, now that the Old Man In The Mountain kind of had an accident, the only good things in NH now geologically speaking are places like, Lost Lake, and Polar Caves, and that whole area… I remember going there when I was younger. It’s a nice area. I want to go back one of these days. Maybe some time this summer.

*Just Kidding of course. :stuck_out_tongue: There are a lot more beautiful places in NH, like Hampton Beach, and places like that. I hear the views from Westwind are pretty cool too… I really need to make it there one of these years, and experience that amazing place myself.

I haven’t been to the basin in AGES!!! I wish I lived in that part of NH! The closest we’ve got is a hiking trail in Hollis with some awesome scenery…
Around the fall, it’s incredible up here. Of course, now with everything under ice and snow, not so pretty.

I LOVE New Hampshire!!!

(I’m thinking of moving there after I graduate… seriously)

W0ah! From the pics, New Hampshire looks sooo beautiful. If only New Jersey were like that :yikes: … NJ isn’t that bad, once you get used to it :D…

I love the basin! I was just up there this summer. My favorite part of NH is the Kangamangus Highway- its gorgeous up there :slight_smile:

Jake- where is that picture taken at… it looks familar and I was wondering if it is somewhere I’ve been

Ohhh, now you give me an opportunity to wander down memory lane… I spent many happy years in NH. Spent many months living on top of Mount Washington (I have so many pics, I’ll have to dig one up). I spent a wonderful summer as a ranger in the Pemi Wilderness off the Kangamangus. Spent 2 years hiking and working on a crew for the Appalachian Mountain Club, also very much a team experience. For those of you who love to hike, you can’t beat the AMC. The money is not much, but the experiences are priceless.

New Hampshire has been my home my entire life.

I love it.

No where else has ever felt ‘right’ to me. I couldn’t tell you how creepy and disturbing it was to be in Texas, and have the sky so big and the land so flat. Just think of it, no change in elevation for miles and miles! I need my rocky New Hampshire hills and I need trees!

Oh, and we get the nations first Primary vote to. Thats pretty spiffy.

-Andy A.