pic: why we work in rochester ny

it may be colder then Cali but it is just a beautiful

Having lived near Rochester before, (Ithaca for a few years), I absolutely agree. Rochester is gorgeous, however, I doubt you get to do drive practice outside :slight_smile:

only if your robot was water proof! (maybe ina few years with the water comp.)

A few years? What are you talking about?

Definitly next year.

I thought this thread was called why we work in Rochester. Not why we want to move. :stuck_out_tongue:

Brrrr! [IMG2]http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=2944&stc=1[/IMG2]



whoo… the serene blanket of white snow surrounded by leaveless trees seems relaxing… much different from living by Tourist Center, USA, where the sun is usually shining and four hurricanes tend to hit within a month and a half. :-p this is pretty though… and funny you mention Ithica… i got one of those college letters about Ithica College today in the mail… when i first say “Ithica” though, my mind immidiately though Ithica as in Odyssius’s home island in Homer’s The Illiad/The Odyssey… :yikes: IB is really starting to get to me…

but wow. trees without leaves. thats an interesting concept. so are those hexagonal prisms that fall to the ground sometimes when its really cold. :stuck_out_tongue: