pic: Wiimote Scoring System-!Nventivity Team 842

Here is the Wiimote Scoring system for this years game. It is an improvent over the digital Scout system developed by !Nventivity, a one woman operation, Dr. Karen Suhm, a mentor of team 842 Falcon Robotics
It will be tested at the AZ regional. It use bluetooth to connect to the laptop and the data is dumped into a spread sheet as the data is taken. It can then be analyzed immediately

I got to see a demo of this at the Arizona FTC regional that Carl Hayden hosted last weekend (thanks for that, too!). It’s a really neat scouting system, requiring only a laptop with a bluetooth dongle and the software, and 6 wii controllers that cost about $40, and many students already have them.

A great feature is that the data is collected by the computer, so there’s no need to spend hours typing in numbers.

Can’t wait to see it in action in Phoenix!

Me too!

Hey Tom’s team in NY won Rookie all star!

By the way, I think Karen worked out the bugs about bluetooth connectivity reliability…

You can find out more about Inventivity’s Wiimote scouting system here: http://www.nventivity.com/scout2.htm


Thats beyond awesome, it isnt available for download is it?

Looks great! I hope this is released in time for Week 5 regionals.


Ah I’m excited to see how well this years Scout works at the Regionals.
The system is amazing Karen =)

this is amazing. Is there any chance of getting a link to downloading it to test it out? Either the source or the binaries?

The wiimote scouting software is now available for download at www.nventivity.com/scout2.htm.

You can learn more about it here: www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showthread.php?p=840972#post840972.