pic: Wii's be rollin'

Final Drive plan for 2k8

Looks solid.

Standard questions, since the drawings don’t really say one way or the other:

  1. Will the omnis be powered?
  2. Anything fancy in the way of gearing choice?

Wow looks great but could you or some one else explain how the two front omni wheels work i get how four side ways placed mecanum wheels work From this site (http://omconsults.net/Bot/Mecanum.htm). I just don’t understand just how to wheels in the front would make it turn?

The way I see it if the two back wheels go forward and one of the front omni wheels go forward Does the robot go to the side? I just don’t get it how does it move? i mean the omni wheels are not side ways and not being so wouldn’t that just create a forward moving force if the omni wheel where to forward spin rather than a side ways force? Or are they on an axle and if so why not just put normal wheels there? or are they programed differently?

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Omniwheels can and have been used on traditional N-wheel-drive systems to improve the robot’s ability to turn; no holonomic movement is achieved. You might want to read this white paper on the topic.

Yes the Omni Wheels will be powered, As for gearing choice, we are using the standard KOP ToughBox gearboxes with a near direct drive to the wheels (shooting for a 11 - 12 fps top speed)

nice job, where can i find the smiley plate for the inventor? (the diagonal one)

Nice drivetrain!

…but I have to be honest… it’s the smiley plates that caught my eye… ran accross some of these in the shop the other night… productivity went down by 75% for about an hour while people were wearing them on their faces. :yikes:

was one of those moments you wish you had a camera…