pic: Wilbur takin a ride on Bacon Strips in North Carolina

Wilbur riding Bacon Strips, he earned his buckle.

I have to say that the Exploding Bacon’s bot was an amazing piece of art, that competed well too! At one of the points that I had off to watch matches, I saw them playing just the same strategies as us, and to say the least I was thoroughly impressed.


I agree, nice job at NC, congrats on the victory. Look forward to playing with yall in Newton :smiley:

We’re gonna miss you guys over on Galileo!! we’ll make sure to come and visite! we’ll be lookin for ya out on Einstein!!


you guys are awesome! i really really really hope that we get to play with yall again! :smiley:

Congrats to Wilbur for his accomplishment. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hope to meet you guys on Einstein
P.S. It’s a good thing Cheese and Bacon are on different fields, it would be devistating to have that alliance again.


I’m confused. The bump looks like bacon strips, too. :slight_smile:

Not to be a buzz kill, but did u guys get a penalty for that. :stuck_out_tongue:

But you should have it so that with like five seconds left in a match, a siren goes off and wilbur flies into the stands. Talk about action!!!

we did but it was a practice day so it was worth it :smiley:

Yes we did but as someone said already it was on practice day… And we didnt expect for our arm to go berserk in the first practice match while he was on it…