pic: Wild Swerve Module, Near Production


The newest version of the Wild Swerve module in near production form!

What price do you expect?

Is it available in tye-dye powdercoat? :smiley:

Wow, I can’t wait for these babies to go into production! :smiley:

What price do you expect?

Not set yet.

In kit form without a motor, wheel or drive hub it will be less than $250 each.

That would be a pretty sweet deal considering labor/machining.

Are the parts shown anodized?

does it come with a Key’d(?) or HEX drive shaft?

also…how much does each one weigh?

does it come with a Key’d(?) or HEX drive shaft?

also…how much does each one weigh?

The parts shown are anodized black. This is the planned production finish.

The drive shaft is .5" hex to interface with Andymark gearsets.

The weight, as pictured is 8.4 lbs.

can it be modified to allow a wider wheel?

can it be modified to allow a wider wheel?

A max wheel width of 2" is capable.

That is some really awesome stuff to hear. Can we choose anodizing colors?:smiley:

You can always re-anodize it yourself (all you need is a battery charger, a few gallons of battery acid, and some poor unfortunate soul’s bathtub :wink: )

Got to see this unit in person at IRI and I was very impressed with it.

Ditto. It was pretty hefty but seemed really solidly built. I might try and convince my team to buy one before we build our Poly Swerve, but I doubt we have the offseason build funding.

I’m still telling you man, that poly swerve doesn’t sound like too good of an idea. The strain on the walls of the module might be too much. CAD it out and try some stress testing first.

A quick thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth this weekend at IRI to chat!

Overall the response to the Wild Swerve modules was very positive. I’m excited to bring this very famous design to the FIRST world.

Please stay tuned to our website for production dates and pricing.

It was a bit heavy but it also used standard AM gears without lightening. A little work on those by a team would go a long way.

It’s being done 100% in CAD first, yeah. This is the OTHER reason I wanna borrow 221’s model :smiley:

what are the gears used in this? and what is the final reduction also? thanks

Anthony can give the details, but the gears are standard AndyMark. There are multiple combinations that can be used to give several different final drive ratios.