pic: WildStang '07

After we decided not to do autonomous, the robot took matters into its own hand.

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FIRST robotics’ first ever robotic FIRSTer… Nice.


Talk about the ultimate paradox :]

Yeah - After we decided not to do autonomous, the robot took matters into it’s own hand.

whoah! that’s totally awsome! I love you guys!
but i’d bet it would get it’s self DQ’d… or an award.

I love the design, looks very clean, I’m definetly likind the wrist aticulation, any reason you went for a horizontal claw as opposed to vertical?

Any ramps? :smiley:

The arm rotates to allow any claw orientation.
No comment on ramp, yet.

Talk about your “Innovation in Control” award.:wink:

Is that a pair of rubber bands/latex tubing inside the gripper? If so, is it to aid actuation or traction with the tube?

Why is your field nicer then most regionals? :slight_smile: and nice robot, looks like ours, well minus that wristy thing.

you found a way to elevate three, didn’t you :wink:

Knowing WildStang, I wouldn’t be surprised, :wink:

Wow wow wow, neat design. I can’t wait to see it in action. See ya at the Midwest Regional! :smiley:

Now now now… you know that’s against the rules… :smiley:

Ahhh!! Too many axis’ !!!

wow we used those same joysticks! oh and that robot looks good…:smiley:

Great looking robot, like usual!
By chance, did you mount your wrist rotation motor before the “elbow” lift motor to get that horizontal translation? I’m sure that will come in handy.
Nice work

Actually… those are the controls from 2 years ago (note the Tetra-shaped LED pattern on the panel)…

Our 2007 OI is… a bit different. :cool:


Actually, it’s not as much of a wrist rotation as it is a whole arm rotation. :yikes:

Hey guys that bot looks great. I like the arm and the grabber. That pic is also sweet…Great job!