pic: Wildstang (111) 2004 Robot

Forget about the teasers, here's our robot for 2004. Look for a video either this week or next.

:ahh: …thats the face i made when i saw it… :ahh:
… i even had the sweat shooting out of my head.

Whoa… awesome robot. One mega-useful arm, and then another simple arm. Very nice. Is it safe to assume that there is a swerve drive system under the side panels?

Also… I see that there is a seat motor out on the end of the arm. Is this for “rolling” the balls into a gripper?

Andy B.

Well…the angle the robot sits at in the picture tends to not give away the secrets that they hold, but is anyone else extremely nervous about the purpose of that long arm (which doesn’t look to be involved with the big ball grip in any way). Beautiful robot guys.

Good Luck,
Andy Grady

That is just awesome! I can’t wait to see your robot in action! Great job, 111!

Very nice guys, wouldn’t expect less from the world champs.

Can you trigger the bonus ball? Also can you hang from the bar from the carpet?? If so you guys are very well off.

the robot looks kinda mischivious to me… like its holding a can of spray paint about to spray the wall… :smiley: j/k

really… well done and i cant wait to see it in action

I agree…maybe if we could see a better angle of the arm we might be able to tell what exactly it will do…ill wait for the video…

I dunno, the backend of that arm looks to have some movement abilities, and might be able to grip a ball too…I wouldn’t be surprised if 111 tried to do everything this year (as if that is some huge change)

There it is! I’m with Andy, what kind of drive is in there?

By the way, nice job!

omg, i was so drenched in sweat from my earlier post i forgot to congratulate you guys!

If it is as tough of a bot as you had last year you are in good standing.

I don’t think they are doing everything but darn close. I have a feeling they have some awesome way to handle the small balls but I can figure it out yet. I don’t see anything to grab the mobile goal. I’m probably missing something though. Good luck it looks great.

Nice job guys. I hope that this year we are teamed up as your alliance. If so then we would be an awesome duo.

I believe that that back “arm” or whatever it is has to do with picking up a big ball. The extended arm is for grabbing the bar, from the ground. Although I don’t see an mechanism for herding the balls.

Looks awesome guys. Good luck

once again wildstang awesome bot-- u guys always look cool— GREAT JOB!!
I love that arm- neato

Great robot. Its looks to me as if their big ball gripper can be unhooked from their arm and stored in the back. Apparently that seat motor does the unlatching???

nice robot :]

does it go up the platform?

looks pretty awesome guys. love the always prevalent tye dye theme. really unique shape and chassis among any that have been posted on CD so far!

Your bot looks sweet! Again, your team never dissapoints me… Good luck on your competitions!

Awesome robot. Amazing machining, as always. You guys never fail to impress me. :yikes:

What kind of ground clearance do you have? .5"? Looks super low, very good idea! :wink:

You guys have done it again…great looking bot. Hope to have the chance alliance with you someday, rather than against…Either way…always a lot of fun and exciting. Good luck in the regionals. See you at Nats.

One of their team engineers was down in FL last week and he was telling us about the robot. I was scared before, but now that I have seen the pic, im in near shock.