pic: Wildstang (111) Shipping Crate

I thought I was going to be original by posting a picture of our crate, then I see other teams have posted theirs too.

This is what you get when the parent of a student on the team who is a professional cabinet maker volunteers to make the team a new shipping crate. We joked that he would use some nice wood and varnish the entire crate. Little did we know that’s exactly what he was doing.

You said you thought it would be original to post a pic of ur crate, but everyone is doing it. Well, at least your crate itself is original!! It looks nice though.

That’s the first time I’ve seen anyone finish thier shipping crate as if it was your kitchen cabinets. :stuck_out_tongue: Let’s just hope a hurried forklift driver doesn’t dig up the sanded and polyurethaned surface with the forks. You might want to keep a blonde touch up marker handy.

I’m jealous…EVERYTHING Wildstang does is impressive. Even the crate. :smiley:

I really like this crate, just because it’s so unique. Just hope that it doesn’t get too beat up in the shipping process…

Good job. :slight_smile: