pic: Wildstang 2005


can i say holy crap red is beating blue bad… but then again. im not too sure many teams can cap as high as that blue is doing right now lol :smiley: im impressed

WOW!!! :ahh:

now that’s just plain cool!! great job as always guys-- can’t wait to see the full bot photo

What has raul convinced you guys to do this time!!! :ahh:

Cant wait to see what the other Motorola team came up with, but the arm definitely looks cool.

stares/blinks wow…
just HOW many feet can it reach?

passes out

aren’t you all concerned with the height of the arena’s you will be competing in…jeez that is nuts

Thats incredibly impressive. I guess my question would have to be… Why? Do you anticipate ever even coming close to needing that arm length?

How did you get the tetras off?

Great job again.

I see Wildstang and Court have much in common, besides the fact that she is on Wildstang. Both of them stay really really busy, but put a whole load of effort towards every goal.

I love you court >_< , but you and your team are insane :P. <3

Hmm…more importantly then how many are there, how long did it take to do that? How many do you think you’ll be able to do per match?

WOW, is that the CN tower?

that looks really nice, im impressed, but i would be even more impressed if i knew how long it takes to reach the stacking height, and how efficient is it, can you drive with your arm up, w/o worrying about tipping over, or will you have to raise, then put, then come back down just to move again, but really wow, im amazed, but if you could tell the time that would be great too

great job :slight_smile:

WOW! I count 16 red tetras capped…and there’s a gap between the goal and the blue tetra…AND that looks like the centre goal :ahh: Looks great:).

It’s not the center goal, there is a driver station right behind it.

I count eighteen tetras, with room for more.

I normally only do this for music, but this just begs for it…


Man, am I glad that you guys are not at our regional.

You know, not that you’d ever be able to stack that high during a match–there’s no way you can possible get that many tetras into play, let alone stack them.

But I will have you know that everyone here at 1073 headquarters is somewhere between drooling in envy and vomiting in rage.


Correct me if I’m wrong, but I count 17 stacked…so thats 8’+ 2.5’ for the height of the top tetra, + 5’ish for the goal height…so thats 15.5’ and it looks like you guys grab near the top of a tetra so thats another 2.5’ for clearance…so thats at least 18’.

Now…please tell me you guys can go 20’ just for the sake of 20’ (and retaining your record of tallest robot for many more years to come)!! :eek:

You guys are insane…keep it up. I can’t wait to see it in action at Midwest.


I’ll wait to see the rest of the bot, but I think this is a little overkill guys. But still, congrats.

While I too think this is very cool, I’m not entirely sure what the advantage of making such a long arm is…if any. I can’t imagine that you’ll ever even see half as many tetras on a goal during most matches. Seems that all you’re doing is creating more ways for your robot to tip over.

But then again I know you guys are smarter than that and there has to be a reason. So I’ll just shut up and wait for a pic of the full bot :stuck_out_tongue: