pic: Wildstang 2008

See her in action this week at the Midwest Regional. We’ll also be at Purdue and Championships.

holy moley…its gonna be another amazing 'stang bot

wow… i am ALWAYS amazed on how much you can pack into a bot and still make it under weight.

now, only if i could see it up close…

Are those bouncy balls I see in the clear tube :ahh: !? I am amazed at the robot. I can not wait to see it in action!

looks amazing yet again guys, I’ll be watching it as close as I can from my computer screen :smiley:

Excellent design. Are those bouncy balls inside the accumulator? I see crab drive, but it’s hard to see how you hurdle the ball (maybe a lift system?).

That clear tube better not be an accumulator! I’d have to fail it at inspection for a non conforming pneumatic device. I’m sure the wiring is up to code. :smiley:

I would venture to guess that clear tube is a roller, looks like pulley driven from a banebots gearbox near the top. I would also guess the octagon panel folds down to the floor to hold the ball like an “egg dyeing” scoop, with the panel with the roller supporting it from the top.

Another great looking bot, good luck Wildstang!

Very cool, as usual. Looks like you take up a pretty large footprint this year, I’m guessing that front frame assembly drops down after the match starts for more stability. Although I’m having trouble figuring out the manipulator… I see the ball knocker offer, but I don’t get how the robot picks up the ball and (guessing here) launches it?

I’ll be watching the webcast this week to see how it works!

Actually the more I look at it the more it reminds me of the 2004 Wildstang robot.

Looks like a elevator/forklift design. Those two large cylinders right next to each other would provide a lot of lift.

Nice work guys, can’t wait to see it at Boilermaker.

Another sexy machine out of your shop. The bouncy balls are definitely a nice touch in the roller. Is the caster assembly an outrigger that is extended for additional stability or is this your starting configuration? Judging by where the bumpers end I’m guessing they slide out…but you guys never cease to amaze and surprise me. Great job! Can’t wait to see it in action.

Just one more reason that Midwest is the regional to watch this weekend. Can’t wait to see it in action in person at Boilermaker.

How to answer…
Dana, the clear tube is and remains at the atmospheric pressure of the venue.
The balls are ping pong balls with “ones” on them, multicolor of course.
No, we don’t do the easter egg thing but we do pick up balls.
No, we don’t launch, but we can hurdle.
Lauren, Lauren, Lauren, no idea how you came to that conclusion!
Yes, we think we are stable, but time will tell.
Same as always, we can go forward and back, and up and down.
See everyone on Thursday.

hmm… does it look more of car type steering, now that i look at it more closely.


let’s all rant in demand of a video… :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll guess those tie-dyed, numbered balls are used for alliance-partner lotto. :smiley:

I may be wrong, but i’m betting it’s crab/swerve. It’s clear that all 4 wheels are steerable (look at the wires sticking up).

After zooming in on the pic, you can see the chains linking the two front and two back wheels. I’m betting it’s front and back linked crab. (And, is that an MA3 encoder? It looks like one =D)

I see 4 large pneumatics, 2 smaller things (pneumatics or gas shocks) and a small motor powering the lottery roller. I can’t figure out all the linkages from the picture, though - how does this arm move?

I’m beginning to think the full photo of the robot is a worse tease than the teasers.

My head hurts. It’s those little lottery balls, I want to watch them go.

add different numbers…make a betting pool of some sort (whatever order they stop in at the end of the match?), revenues going to the team, prize to the winner

At least I know in this lottery where my money is really going :slight_smile: