pic: WildStang 2009 Teaser #1

I guess great minds think alike when it comes to shooter rollers. :wink:

Joking aside, this looks like another great robot from Wildstang. I can’t wait to see you compete this year.

That shooter is looking like a beast! I am very impressed by the ball capacity on that thing.:slight_smile:

Dear WildStang,

Why am I not seeing any tie-dye in this teaser?

Love, Ellen

P.S. I like your shooter. It looks beastly.

I wonder if it’s physically possible to do a tie-dye powdercoat…

More to the point, why am I not seeing any tie-dye ping pong balls in this teaser?

They were being considerate and didn’t want to blind us with the awesomeness.

I wanted to put lots of tie-dye ping pong balls in all the rollers, but Raul said that “3 balls is enough fun.” What a spoil-sport.

It only takes three ping pong balls to spell 111. They are there if you close.