pic: WildStang 2009 Teaser #2

How WildStang handles mentors that misbehave.

Our full picture will be released tomorrow.

Looks like one of Raul’s creations finally turned on him.

Can’t wait to see the whole robot at the Championship.

That is unsafe.

Yeah, Raul, you should probably have safety glasses on while being eaten alive by your robot.

(looks great, btw)

Andy B.

It was only a matter of time…


I hope the other robots don’t get the same idea.

I knew there was tie-dye coming. :wink:

Was he too loud? cringe

-q :]

Nah, Wildstang 2007 is controlling Wildstang 2009. I don’t know what Raul did to warrant this treatment…

No disassemble Wildstang 07!

I can’t wait to see the real thing next week!

This configuration should make it a lot easier for them to lose weight at Midwest this year:P

Actually, we were well under weight for the first time since 2003. 10 pounds under. We started adding more lexan to add some weight - still 5 pounds under. I will probably add a hood ornament or mascot to get it up to 119.9.

Same here. We actually just realized we shipped the robot without getting a final weight…that’s never happened before.

Just leave 5 pounds of body parts in there, you’ll be fine :smiley:

First time underweight since 2003.
Last Wildstang World Championship 2003…

oh dang…this and a confident beatty
midwest just jumped Another! notch up

You mean you won’t be drilling this year? You mean you will be leaving the bot alone and be relaxing in the stands?

The world is gonna crack.

Mr. Bill

Come on Bill, it would be true Lunacy for me to relax in the stands - I would be the one to crack. No, I will be frantically trying to add weight in a sensible way. You know - just trying to add some functionality to keep up with 71, 16, 217, 1114, etc. I got 5 pounds to play with - wow!

5 pounds is more than enough to add an LED display that states “1114 would just be 4 without 111,” “Beatty Least,” and other witty comments.