pic: WildStang 2009 Teaser #2

I’d reccomend going old school and add the rotating light. We’ve always wanted to have the weight for it on a 177 bot.

I know just before ship we were about 15 pounds under weight. Last year we added a 8 pound weight in the back of the robot.
we are going to find some way to use the extra weight to our advantage.

Normally, hood ornaments go on TOP, not underneath. Are you now a mascot??:smiley:

5 pounds under?!? No more swiss-cheesing at Midwest?!?

Anyway, looks great, guys. I spy some familiar components on the robot, and I can’t wait to see the whole thing. I’ll be watching the Midwest webcast - don’t disappoint! And Raul, I guess you are always up to your usual antics…

1038 working on keeping our MOJO calm and collective, unlike Wildstang 09.



I apologize for the big pics.

Hmmm - there must be something to this simple and underweight thing.

I’m printing this out and bringing it to next year’s brainstorming sessions when you propose we build a crab base and a 5 jointed arm that extends to 15’ tall.

Hey! You gotta let the rest of us win sometime too, you know!:stuck_out_tongue: