pic: WildStang 2010

WildStang’s 2010 Breakaway robot

Any chance we will be able to see some video of it in action? Or do we just have to wait till Midwest?

Also, looks like you can cross the bumps is this true?

no Rainbow?!

see ya at Milwaukee!!!:smiley:

Uh. Oh. Wildstang is simple and has a swerve. Where have I seen that before?

Now, the real question: what’s it weigh? I don’t see any lightning holes. That REALLY scares me.

Has Stang EVER done a narrow body robot? That seems so… wrong. That and the normal bumpers. :frowning:

Looks awesome. Love the bump oriented swerve drive!

The lack of tie-dye frightens me a little bit.
Looks fantastic!
Can’t wait to see it in action!

I was talking to someone on my team and said, “Yeah, 111 will reveal their robot soon. It will just be a picture of a box bot looking robot like nearly all the other ones. You won’t be able to tell how it works of if it will be good”.

After Wisconsin and Midwest, I’m sure I’ll have a pretty darn good idea how amazing it is.

What makes this picture scary?

  1. Camera is front and center, and I would bet a pretty penny that its working quite well.
  2. Their wheels look like they’ve had some significant practice time on them…uh oh


Less than 110 lbs.

Haven’t you guys won two Championships when you’re underweight and 0 when you’re at or over at this point in the season?

Now I’m really, really scared… Not because of the fact that you have at least 10 lbs to improve with, but because of the track record…

How are you guys protecting your camera?

I think we are only seeing half the picture…

I don’t know how to answer that but the word ‘coincidence’ jumps to mind. We just see it as we forgot to add something. Uh signage and lexan, yeah that’s it. Don’t forget we had great partners too.