pic: WildStang At Midwest


This is the whole wildstang…well most of it…at the Midwest Regional.

The tetras may be gone, but the triple plays keep coming. Congrats to all of Wildstang for completing their second consecutive triple play (WFA: Dan Green, Chairman’s, and Champions) at the Midwest regional!!! You guys are truly a team to look up to, and I can’t wait to stop by your pits in Atlanta.


I’ve heard a lot about your team! Congratulations on the win! See you guys at nationals! :eek:

Awesome Team!

See you in Atlanta.!!!

I thought that this was 111’s second trifecta.

Well done, WildStang!

Congratulations Court, and the rest of Wildstang!!
I hope to catch a sneak peak of 111 in Atlanta this year.
Hopefully we won’t all be blinded by all your shiny medals, and that wild tye-dye uniform of yours!!!

Good luck!

Congrats on the triple win. See you guys in Atlanta.

congrats you guys… it takes a lot to win all 3 of those awards… i know cause last year we did the same thing at Lone Star and it takes everyone to win those three awards

Hope i can stop by to see your robot in atlanta

Congrats on winning the three awards…

Again ;D

prays for a three-peat

Congrads courtney, hope to see you in atlanta! :smiley: