pic: Wildstang Robot 2005 Boilermaker Regional

Wildstang Robot 2005 Boilermaker Regional

I really loved watching this robot in action, it was one of the more complex robots out there, and once again wildstang went and built an amazing robot that is a pleasure to watch.

great job!

Yes i agree i loved how they started on the auto loader closest to the center of the field grabbed that tetra then moved to the next and grabbed that one to, all in one motion never had to really jerk. That shows an amazing robot, and amazing drivers

This was my favorite robot at the whole competition. The way these guys picked up 2 autoload tetras in one quick sweep really amazed me. Their driver/operator really had good control of their robot most of the time. Their outrigger design was very unique and very effective. Everyone should look out for these guys at the championships! GO 111!

I agree, this was a beautiful machine (once again!) and totally stunned me with its speed and dexterity. Congratulations on building such a working wonder!

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