pic: Wildstang


This is from Midwest also. This year they went with crab. Their arm was the best and most complicated part of their robot. It was fun playing against these guys too.

I really enjoyed watching this particular robot during the webcast. Its good someone snapped a photo of the robot, seeing as they haven’t posed one themselves.

Unless this counts.

There are a ton of holes in that robot. They weighed in at 2lbs under weight.

Yea, our scale at Motorola was off by 2-4 lbs.

I of course meant besides the teaser they sent out… What i really want to see is a picture of the new swerve drive they’ve made… does anyone have any pictures?

It looks very similar to their '03 swerve drive. There’s some pretty good pics of that on their website.

I’ll upload the Midwest Regional pictures to our gallery as soon as I can sort through all of them and get rid of the bad ones. I’ll also add some pictures from the build season so you can see the details of our robot.

Only what was needed to put in Chalupas instead of drills and FP’s.