pic: Winners of AZ REgional 2004: Teams 1212, 585, 330

OH ya

I think someone should have released the balls right behind you :wink:

lol! I had an awesome time with everyone in Arizona!!! The matches we had with 585 and 1212 were awesome! Thanks to 1212 for picking us! :smiley: Come check out our bot if ya are going to be in LA or at Nats!

Ok i am very confused. Team 1212, Is that a flood light on the front of your bot? Is it to follow the line?!? What is all the hose tubing there for? I am very confused please exlplain. What does ur robot do? Thank you!

What a day for 330. Chairman’s AND and gold medal. Wow. Congrats.

Heh, a light. that actually made me laugh sorry. The lamp-looking like thing was their suction(!) device. besides the practice rounds though I don’t think they ever used it.

Coming from last year’s national Chairman’s winner, that means alot. We were quite suprised to say the least.

Thank you


Actually that part of our vacuum is made out of a metal lamp shade…