pic: Winning Drivers/Robots

Here are the robots and drivers for teams 1405, 16, and 449 (left to right).

What regional was this at?

Congrats to the winners. :slight_smile:

Nicely done!

and esp to 1405 the Finny Falcons!

this is the second year in a row that Rochester NY has produced a winning rookie team.

(and BTW another rookie team from Rochester will be at the Buckeye regional - watchout!)


CONGRATS!!! to teams 1405, 16, and 449 for winning the Chesapeake Regional.

Awesome achievement… I can’t remember the last time a rookie captain team capturing the Regional Chanmpionship. Very cool.

(poor guys in the background holding the 3 banners)

That would be me holding one banner. I’m the president of the team, reduced to propping up a sign. But I’m also the tallest member of the team, so I was the natural choice.

Congrats! :] :]
Time to watch out for them Rochester teams…
Going to be one great competition here in Rochester next year…

Just checked - this was the Chesapeak regional

Last year, 3 teams did it, and we are the first this year.

It’s been really awesome working with Finney. Too bad I have an obstacle called graduation and finding a job. Anyone know anyone hiring in Rochester, so I can keep working with them?

Edit: an engineering job :wink:

try UPS, over in henreitta i believe, my neighbor works for them and was going to get my brother a job. after like a year you step up from the line work and get a lot more money too.

On behalf of the 191 X-CATS team and all the Rochester FIRST teams I would also like to congratulate this winning alliance and especially for Team 1405 whom I’ve spoke with earlier this year and helping introduce this wonder of FIRST to them. I’m ecstatic that another rookie team from Rochester NY has made an impact and showing that Rochester,NY has it share of talented and spirited people.

It has definitely gone a long way from showing you guys videos and giving you a tour of the X-CATS program in Jan to this awesome outcome!

Keep up the great work!


Congratulations to teams 1405, 16, and 449…you guys did amazing…222, 303. and 291 were a hard team to beat…but you did it…congratulations and also congratulations to team 16 for winning the Chairmans award

Just like it says on the banner… hmm… Imagine that!! :rolleyes:

no buckeye regional for us…we signed up too late. we’ll see you in atlanta thought!

I think Ken was referring to team 1450, Franklin Arts, as the other Rochester rookie team, and they will be going to Cleveland.

This is Joe’s Mom. Anyone on a **WEST ** coast team know of anyone hiring so Joe can help your team and stay in touch with his family too? My congrats to Finney – great school, great robot, too far from us!

Penny Ross
Member of a hopelessy addicted FIRST family – mom to Joe (far too frequent ChiefDelphi poster), wife to Greg - lead programmer for the Beach Bots, mom to Andy (one of the human players for the Beach Bots) with one other child who’s trying to break her FIRST addiction

HMMM One family, two teams, two regional championships, a coincidence? I think not!

So that’s why those chairs were there…

It really confused me when I came back and there where three chairs sitting right in front of the playerstation of the practice field…