pic: Winnovation 1625- 2014 Jeffery

This bot made for an awesome junior year on this team! Sorry for the one picture that doesn’t show much but if you have any questions feel free to ask!

I watched (live stream) you guys preform at the Wisconsin regional and then at worlds and then at IRI. My biggest amazement was your mobility on the field, what is you drivetrain(It doesn’t look like swerve), and what gives you guys the ability to juke and weave?

It’s a 4wd with 2 tractions 2 omnis.

Yeah its a 6 CIM 2 four inch DT vex pro wheels with two four inch vex omnis on the front!

For all the crazy (and well done) drivetrains 1625 has done, their best two robots, in my opinion, had simple 4 wheel tank drives.

What is the second robot in which you are referring to?

Their 2009 robot. It didn’t make Einstein like their 2010 and 2014 robot, but I think it was their most dominate.

Their 2006 robot was also a very effective 4wd.

Seeing one of your second robots(I believe it was more of a tester robot) at an outreach event a few months ago… I love just watching this robot function, most of what it does is so effective. Great work this year Winnovation.

Loved watching this robot fly around the field all year long. Our match with you guys at IRI was one of my favorites, one of the most professional drive teams I had the pleasure to work with all weekend long. Great work this season guys, and I can’t wait to see you in Houston for the Remix this fall!

I had no idea that FRC teams built simple drives like this and had a lot of success with them.

I used that style drive system for about 4 years when I was in FTC and we ended up winning 90% of the events we attended with manoeuvrability attributing greatly to our success.

Did the drive have much trouble when/if you tried to play a little defence? I know it wouldn’t be able to drag people across the field, but was at effective at all defensively?

You wouldn’t happen to be willing to share CAD files, I’d like to see how you lined up your drive motors and wheels.

These guys were just as good at defense as they were at offense. Watch the eliminations from Archimedes and Einstein. They were all over everyone, from the Killer Bees to the Poofs.

This was easily my favorite robot to watch this year. All those spins and sweet shots packed with great defense when they didn’t have the ball… it really was amazing.

Yes! These guys were amazing at playing a defensive and offensive roles which was a game changer for the no. 5 alliance on Archimedes. 1625’s robot was fast, maneuverable, and could push when needed. The speed is what really took them to a whole new level when combined with their driver(s) skills. They were quick to evade defense to get their shots off before a defender came along and they could quickly get in someones way. The prime example being in Archimedes Finals match 1. During the final seconds of the match 1625 scores and then flies across the field to knock 33’s triple assist shot which then missed the goal and allowed us to win the first finals match by a small margin. They were also very quick being able to transition from scoring to slowing down/preventing 51 and 2485 from getting the ball to the truss (along with 2590) which is the only way we beat the top scoring alliance of the year.

It won IRI. 'nuff said… :wink:

All three of 1625’s IRI victories have come on 4wd (2006, 2009, and 2014).

The swerves have made finals (2008), semis (2010), and not picked (2007).

Lobster (2011) and Butterfly (2013) didn’t get picked either.

There were few robots out there that i had trouble pushing and out running. The Drivetrain gave me the option to play cross court defense where i need to and the omnis game me the ability to be very maneuverable. I personally would recommend this to every team. It is simple, cheap, quick to build, and very effective. and I cant wait to go down to Texas for the remix. Its gonna be a blast!