pic: Wiring

This is our test board. We may build a better one if we have time :slight_smile:

I would probably avoid wood for a base unless you have something under each component, I think we used plexy. We had screwed a bunch of stuff onto wood to make a test board to mess around with, and after awhile it started to smoke.:smiley:

Wood is fine, as long as you don’t try to run current through it. 330 has used wood for I don’t know how long (5 years minimum) without an issue. We even hogged out the base last year and it held up to everything we could throw at it.

are the fans able to be wired like that?? that would save some trouble for sure!

Far as I know, it isn’t disallowed.

Yeah, the wires are allowed. In its website if you see wiring it shows like that. And its so good to wire it like that. We did and there is no problem…

Also we are using wood board, we are driving it 1.5 week, so there is no problem with using wood.

While I have had an inspector get on our case about wiring fans to the Victor inputs, that was only one guy and I have doubts about his competence. The IFI user’s guide to the Victor says to wire it this way, so that’s how we usually do it.