pic: Wisconsin FRC Teams 2017

Cool map, looks like there are 3 blatantly obvious locations for district events.

The money was there for districts in Wisconsin with 1 regional, now that we have 2 we have more than enough money in the state to switch. Just need to get the volunteer base up… But the best way to do that is to switch to districts and grow together…

Nice map! The team growth this year from the state grants has been awesome, and it seems like our rookie teams over the past few seasons have been holding up well. I’m really hoping that the grants get renewed and we can keep this up.

With our growth I bet we’ll need to scout out locations for 4 District Events and DCMP, which shouldn’t be bad. I think 2202 already floated the idea of hosting one, and I can think of tons of other high schools and universities that would be perfect.

I heard some mentions of a WI Districts Town hall meeting after the competition season. Does anyone know more about that?

I count 56 stars on the map if that is right we only need 2.8 events to get each team 2 districts, assuming 40 teams at each event.

It should be 57 current teams, (and 15 defunct) of course I might have missed some.

District Town Hall is planned for May 13 in Appleton. There was a flyer about it at the regional. Asked to limit to 2 representatives per team. I don’t have it in front of me so I don’t have the link.

Good evening,

The FIRST Wisconsin Executive Advisory Board (EAB) has established a District Exploration Subcommittee to explore the possibilities and implications of moving from the regional competition model to the district competition model. The subcommittee is made up of people who are willing to objectively research, explore, and pursue the options for FRC events in Wisconsin moving forward. This has also been a topic of discussion on nearly every EAB agenda since the topic of districts in Wisconsin was brought up at last spring’s FIRST Wisconsin Town Hall meeting at GE Healthcare.

This spring a request was made of the Wisconsin Regional Planning Committee (RPC) to host a town hall style event to discuss this topic at the FRC regional in Milwaukee. RPC leadership and EAB members discussed how to best handle the request. The unanimous agreement reached was that regional FRC events are not the venue to host such a dialogue. These events should focus on our students, their robotic creations, and the competition itself. It was felt that another time and place should be determined for a town hall style meeting for representatives from all Wisconsin FRC teams.

The EAB and the District Exploration Subcommittee have set a date of Saturday, May 13th at 1:00pm at Appleton East High School for a town hall meeting to discuss our FRC options moving forward. The purpose of this event is to get feedback from teams on this topic to inform and assist the EAB in making decisions for the future of FIRST in Wisconsin. I ask that teams RSVP online at http://bit.do/witownhall so we have an accurate count of how many will be in attendance.

We are asking that teams limit their attendees to two who will serve as representatives for their team. The purpose of the limit is two-fold: to make sure each team has an equal voice, and to make sure the dialogue is focused on the topic at hand. For those teams who choose not to attend or for whatever reason can’t make it, there will be an opportunity to provide written input prior to the meeting. All input will be shared with all teams in attendance. Additionally, notes from the meeting will be made available to all teams shortly after.

I spent the better part of Thursday, March 23rd at the Wisconsin Regional talking with team leaders about the event and encouraging them to look into these two different options. For those Wisconsin teams who were not there, we will be sending invites via email in the next week. We will also be sending information to all team leaders regarding both the regional model and the district model and encourage all teams to do their own research on both of these models prior to the meeting. Needless to say, there is a wide variety of familiarity with the district model across all teams in our state.

Passions seem to be running high regarding this topic and I encourage everyone to look at this through a comprehensive, objective lens. Keep in mind that the decisions we make today have long-term implications well into the future. The EAB wants to make sure we are transparent with the process, are looking at this topic from all points of view, and are making sound decisions that will positively impact FIRST programs in our state, and, far more importantly, the students participating in them.

If you have any questions about the event, please feel free to contact me directly at schuffsean@aasd.k12.wi.us.

Sean Schuff
Chair, FIRST Wisconsin Executive Advisory Board