pic: Wish I would have read CD first.




Hmmm… the logo would help block out light, and make sleeping easier.


Shhh… Just dreams now.


This made my day :yikes:


Bagged & Tagged (toe that is)


Move over Dean, Woodie, and Don - Sam is the new face of FIRST.


Watch out, Manual Update 01 has ruled this strategy illegal


Bah! That’s a request, not a rule. They even said please. :stuck_out_tongue: ::rtm::


Red card, but I’m not a Ref, Inspector, Or a Safety Judge…But, I also won’t follow the example since a good portion of our students this year are freshman, and they may copy my example. Learned young, bag over head never good, bag over head with a plastic coating & cheap zipper, worse…Now, chopping one up in the food processor and eating it…hmmmmm. I wonder how bad the zipper would dull the blades? Bagged cube salad recipie anyone?

I will say Sam…You never looked better my friend. Jkn::ouch::