pic: With The Woz

Steve Wozniak with me and my brother at the 2006 Boston Regional. He was a judge there and signed our iPod (but the sharpie smears off :-(). Also, I think Mr. Grady owes me a soda…

And wow, I look funny/scary in that picture. Hello User Pic…

The sharpie stays on fine, even when sliding in and out of the old apple cases (pre-5th gen), but Greg decided to smudge off the tail of the Z with his sleeve.

Woz is awesome, I got a picture of him along with four other members of my team in Atlanta last year. He’s very friendly considering all the people that must ask him for pictures/autographs. I thought about asking him to autograph my IBM laptop, but that would have been terrible :stuck_out_tongue:

Chris you look possesd in that pic.

I am way too aware of that.