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Summer gives me more time to work on projects like this, but don’t expect it anytime soon. Eventually though, the program will be released here on CD, along with the source code. It is not intended to replace our team’s FRCScout (Palm) PDA app, but simply provide an alternative for teams who prefer Windows Mobile devices. However, they will unfortunately NOT be compatible.

That looks awesome. Will two networked computers be able to both input information and have it automatically synchronize? That was the problem we had with Greg Needel’s scouting sheet: as good as it was, it didn’t automatically synchronize when info was put in on two different computers. That’s the main selling point for me. And with the source code available, I can get our programmers to customize it for me if needed. Thanks in advance for your work!

Be sure to note that this program is only for PocketPC devices. While there may be an emulator to run Windows Mobile on a PC, I would advise against it because the program is optimized to be used by a stylus and onscreen keyboard. Perhaps someone will create a Windows version eventually… ;). One great thing about being able to export the database is that allows this to become cross platform, as most programs will import CSV or XML files. With synchronization features, it will most likely not be completely automatic, but if both devices are paired with bluetooth it will hopefully only require one button press to begin the sync.

As far as features, it is not very far along, but here are some that I hope to include:

  • Support of PocketPC2002, WM2003/SE and WM5.0 devices
  • Synchronisation with Microsoft Access
  • Data export in XML (MS Access compatible), CSV and HTML
  • Data import from XML, CSV and TXT
  • Data analysis on PC and PocketPC (using SQL)
  • Customizable fields on PC via GrandaSoft XSDesigner

Providing that you have a cell phone/wifi/bluetooth:

  • Upload team information & robot statistics to central web server (allow sharing scouting info between teams if wished)
  • Programming in the match schedule and the drive team’s cell phone numbers to automatically text them the info about alliances
  • FTP Database backups

Most of these features are available thanks to the great freeware program I am using to design the form, called XSDesigner. Basically Visual Basic, but for the PocketPC. It lets you do scripting with VBScript and JScript, so people fluent in those languages may wish to toy around with, and improve, the analysis. Also, thank you for the interest in the program. I am creating this for our team for the synchronization issues you mentioned above, but when we were using FRCScout (had to export the ENTIRE database (or one entry at a time), overwriting whatever the other device had).

yup i knew this was the issue with mine, but i found that it worked better then not having one at all but it definitely was not as sophisticated as a system like this.

For the future i will update my excel one for future games but am in the process of working on something else with my brother-in-law. We are working on a java based scouting app that will run on any java enabled cell phone, laptop, pda, etc. This will have all the functionality of my excel sheet with the added function of a server located locally or remotely (we are going to have one) where you enter data and it will transmit to a general server. For strategy teams that means as long as your driver has a cell phone he can get up to date team information up to the second the match starts. Hopefully there will be a beta version available in time for a few off season events and then a final version for the game next year.

Greg that’s awesome! You can almost guarantee I’ll be getting that the second you put it out. The excel was awesome (I wish I could do it), and Tim, thanks for clarifying that it’s a Pocket PC thing. I don’t have that right now, and I think it’ll be a while before the team has enough spare money to but them. But it’s nice that someone is taking the initiative to do that.

Greg, looking forward to the new scouting doc. The “automatic” sync I was talking about was more taking away the need to save one comp’s file on a USB and then copying and pasting it into the master file. I’m waiting on baited breath for the new one! I really like the ability to, with a phone, to be able to get the info immediately. At Palmetto, we would have to print the respective sheets out in advance. This will make it much easier.

I commend both of you for your work!

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Is that a free development environment?