pic: WolfPack Robotics POWER UP!!!

Get Ready to Power Up!!!

Do you need your Logo Pixelated to match this year’s Game? With the Brand New Game and Teaser being released, DM Robotics has just released our new logo specific to The FIRST Power Up Challange. If any other teams need help with pixelating their logo to fit this year’s theme let us know! If you would like us to Pixelate your logo for you, just send us your logo in a file of your team’s logo and we would be happy to pixelate your logo for you! Let us know if you would like any special logos or wording added to the logo (FIRST Logo, Power Up Game Logo, “Play For Real”, etc.). Just send a copy of your logo to us at DMROBOTICS6314@GMAIL.COM, PM it to us on Chief Delphi, post it right here as a reply to this post or Share it With us on Google Drive. Here is an example of what we have done to our logo.