pic: Wondering Where All the Moon Rocks Went?

I found these hidden behind the curtains at BAE on Friday.

. . . . Thats a lot of Walmarts.

Ive’ always wondered what FIRST does with past years game elements?

Sell them at Building 19

In Atlanta 2007 they threw the tubes into the stands, and gave away all the tubes.

if only they did that with the track balls :ahh:

dude… that would have been intense:yikes:

I volunteered at LA last year and they actually did do something similar with trackballs. We had an area blocked off with black curtains where we filled up extra balls and then stacked them in a big pyramid by the field. At the end of the regional we had to deflate all of the extras so we had about 30 balls at one point.

FIRST still has about 6,000 tubes in Manchester because the robots destroyed fewer than anticipated. If you want a large quantity of them, I’m sure they would be happy to sell them on the cheap.


Wow, I would of expected a ton of tubes to get destroyed as well… Then again the only tube of ours that got destroyed was not even by a robot…

yeah at one of teh off season comps my team went to we poped like 3-4 balls and before my team left i went and asked teh orginizer if i could have one and i got one ive been trying to make it into a beanabg chair using teh outer cover but i cant find the filler material anywhere for a reasonable price

What’s actually happening here is that all but about 4 bags are for other events. Each event gets 4 bags, plus whatever the previous event sends along.

L.A. used up the S.D. bags and went through about 1-1.5 bags marked for L.A., for reference.

Imagine if they threw the tetras into the crowd. that would be painful.

Yeah, just like the Lone Star Regional is going to use the Safety Glasses from the Dallas Regional

From Bill’s Blog

If you’re planning to hold or attend an invitational event after the official season ends, get ready, surviving orbit balls will go on sale at Logoloc.com shortly after Championship.