pic: Wooden Rack - Center

This is the wooden rack on display at the Kokomo, IN kickoff. This is the center of the spider.

By the way…

The real one is going to be made out of pretty thick lexan (specs anyone?).

But… I predict the one in the center at one event (at least) may break/crack if someone lifts up very hard on any one Spider Leg on the middle row for any reason at all (intentional/accidental).

Just something to think about.
Play hard & play fair, but go easy on the field ok people?

That lexan disk is very thick, but from what I tried at kickoff in Manchester, NH, lifting on the Spider Leg makes for a heck of a leverage bar. The force relayed onto the disk when that happens will be quite a bit.

Be careful! :slight_smile:

I have already posted this on another topic, but I have pictures of a wooden rack that was at the Richmond kickoff here: http://kyle.fnsnet.net/07FRC_rack.php