pic: Woody Flowers arrives in Boston

Woody Flowers arrives at the Boston Regional, rappelling from the rafters.

Very cool entrance…however I am sure that in retrospect Woody would have liked to have performed his stunt with gloves on. Remeber Safety FIRST from FRC team 1319. (Unless gloves are not to be worn while climbing rope does anyone know?)

I can’t tell the method of rappel from the picture, and I am certainly no expert, but for some methods of rappelling gloves are highly recommended.

I thought I read an article about a group of MIT students who had created a high speed ascender/descender. Perhaps he is using their prototype!

Just like Woodie to make a grand entrance! :slight_smile:


The planning committee must be very tickled that they pulled this off and that Dr. Flowers was game to do this. That probably means that Mrs. Flowers was game and supportive as well. Such super FIRSTers!


Not only did he descend (and ascend and descend!), he stayed the entire afternoon to MC along with Wayne. My knees hurt just watching him.

the atlas ascender needs no gloves. you are never touching the actual rope. you flick a switch on the device and it moves you down (or up :wink: )

Wouldn’t you want to avoid gloves with this, under the same theory as working with a drill press or lathe?

Now that I saw the device better on their website and the video of Woodie’s entrance I would agree. I think you would want to avoid gloves with this type of device because of the potential to pull a hand into a pinch point.

With the device, probably.

However, if you are doing an actual rappel (no powered device, just rope and the right climbing gear), and you AREN’T wearing gloves, your hands WILL hurt!

Video here:

All of the people using it on the products website appear to be wearing gloves while operating the device. However if anyone knew for sure I would be interested.