pic: Working on the shooter

A working shooter was one of our first priorities

Is that a 3D printed pulley ?

Yes, 24 tooth 5mm HTD. We are using printed pulleys for all of our belt drives, which is a good thing given how many times we have changed things.

What material/settings are you printing those pulleys at? Have you experienced noticeable wear and tear?

Really nice and clean looking!

I can’t speak to the printer material/settings as I help the students with what needs to be made and they take it from there. We have had some issues in the past with printed pulleys on a Cim motor, the fix is to make an aluminum adapter from Cim shaft (8mm shaft with key) to 1/2 hex in the pulleys. I will see if we can post a pic of the whole shooter/feeder assy tomorrow, it is crunch time and there are many lose ends to tie up.

Our team last year had very great success using a 3d printed pulley on our intake. No wear, it held up just fine. We have also used 3d printed gears with varying results over the last couple of years. With the printed gears you need to pick and choose the mechanisms as they are very susceptible to breaking. I think our first year using 3d printed gear boxes we were replacing gears every other match. :frowning:

But yea, the pulleys work great! There is a tool built in to solid works for easily creating cad for them as well.

We use many printed parts on our robots, we have never had a printed pulley fail. We are concerned this year about the shooter drive pulleys because they are printed for direct mount on Cim motors, we have in the past made aluminum adapters to go from 8 mm shaft with key (Cim) to 1/2 hex ID. Maybe tonight we can get a pic of the whole shooter assy posted.