pic: Working With 1086


Chesapeake Regional
Help feeding totes in quarterfinals

This is an awesome photo, and it was great working with your team in playoffs. Do you have a higher res version of the image?


That’s an awesome photo. I’d be sending that to every local newspaper editor.

I can still count the pixels with just one hand

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You have 30108672 fingers?

loominarty kinfurmd

Sidenote, our alliance name was the “Absolute Power Cheese”.

Im not sure how to post another picture to this thread but I should also mention that I downloaded this from flickr. (I just wanted it as my avatar pic :slight_smile: )

ooo! I found out how to do it :smiley: (I think) https://www.flickr.com/photos/122681157@N06/16467403424/in/photolist-r6aKjG-r6aqEN-rHQBxt-s32BG1-rKGSig-s3adC2-r69gyU-s39mrv-s31Fzd-r6jnzk-rHMPVv-r6gJbr-rKtMLW-s31zZe-rKsULQ-rHJk98-rKu23h-rKASxM-s34hkV-rKtZau …guess not
But heres the link to all the other pics of your team (Any other teams that went to Chesapeake also have pictures just search flickr with #team (insert team #) )

Here are some more pictures from Chesapeake

get off the internet john

It was a pleasure working with you and your team. Best of luck at Worlds!