pic: World Champs

Simbotics, Thunder Chickens, and Robo Wranglers FTW!

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Just wondering… did anyone else think “Oh no, they’re getting glitter in their robot controls!?”

Congrats to the 2008 world champions!

I did :smiley:

Good job 1114 on a well deserved win…

I believe the exact phrase I heard was “metallic glitter and victors, sounds like fun” :rolleyes:

My first thought, and no lie the minute I saw that glitter my brain said “Oh lord that is HORRIBLE for the electronics…”

You can ask David Guzman my teammate about the accuracy of this statement I exclaimed after the match “Paul from 217 must be like man the confetti is getting on my robot.” SOOO funny you guys mentioned this. Congratulations to 1114,217, and 148 on a very well deserved win.

well i was on the floor with nick boyce from andymark and we where like i would hate to have to clean out that robot after that plus we were trying to catch it :stuck_out_tongue:

But good job to 1114 and 217 i knew those two would pare up to win it all and then with 148 it was an amazing team

A well deserved win to every single team. 1114, truly amazing, 217, wow, 148…truly a speed demon. top notch teams.

My first thought was also that the glitter would make more magic smoke!

Congrats to the champions!