pic: World Domination Button


The idea for this button came to mind while thinking how to have lunch delivered to the site a couple of weeks ago and realizing how hard it is to explain where we were due to us being underneath where the building front entrance is. Besides FIRST was designed to take over the world anyways. We just kill them with kindness that all…

Our motto is: Building robots to build better people. And now I understand that we mean that literally.


Heh, goes well the shirts we had for a couple years that said “Remeber when you…”

Ours is “We don’t just build robots. We build people.”

I’ll fix that…:o

Wouldn’t that make it your secret underground lair?

You guys been doin’ this for 21 years and haven’t dominated the world yet? Hmmph, some mad scientists you are! :rolleyes:

We’re Pinky. We’re Pinky and the brain, brain, brain…

That won’t fit on the button.

Made a newer one with Alan’s suggestion even added to it.

Seems to have some resizing issues.

Slow and steady wins the race Don…

Looks fine to me.