pic: WOW! 5 laptops+1 IPoD We must be rich!!!

A pic of our pit in Candian regional.

I’ll say. And you missed the stereo. Can you lend us one?

You also forgot the DeWalt battery charger too (located behind the Toshiba Satellite). I like the jumble of cords and all the power strips. :stuck_out_tongue: Are those speakers attached to polycarb or plexiglass next to the Sony stereo?

[EDIT] I also forgot to mention that keeping the grape juice next to all that equipment isn’t the best idea. We lost an IBM Thinkpad to Mountain Dew. I dismantled the Thinkpad to attempt a repair but you won’t believe how much corrosion there was and how the Dew “ate” away at some of the traces and connectors on the boards. The only things salvagable was the AC adaptor, battery, memory, screen, and plastic cover pieces and such. [EDIT]

The cords? that’s nothing. I’ve got 4 desktops set up in my room on 1 desk WITHOUT an AV switch. as in: 4 sets of mice, keyboards, and all acsociated peripherals. I repeat: ONE DESK.

(There’s a legit explaination. 1 of the computers is the team’s, and 2 are circa '95)

Only one problem, not enough Macs… :wink:

well its always good to have more then one of something in case it breaks or fails or runs outta battery juice. hrm at PARC i had brought 2 laptops and my old coaches bought another laptop. the coaches the laptop brought had i guess programming mine just held some website info and scoring simulators lol between the three none of them got that much use. =)

Yeah, we had 5 or 6 laptops at the CR too (none of them Macs, thankfully :D) and a couple of $1000 access points and a hub - lots of wires! But our human player went through the Cisco course and has a knack for running cable in an orderly and safe fashion, so no worries there.

Can he give me lessons? I need help. badly. very badly. :wink:

one of our mentors (and my physics teacher) is an mac genius, he works at a mac store in his free time… we had a sweet network at our competitions with a 21’’ iMAC in our pit, connected to some network, so we could control the iMAC from the stands with several powerbook g4’s… only the iMAC was ours though, we mooched the g4’s from our mentors for the competiton :stuck_out_tongue:

As a Mac user, your pits make me jellous. Grrr…

I whole-heartedly agree… just look at them. Now, after you have admired the iBook and Powerbook long enough, compare them to the PCs (Remember…PC is short for Piece of ‘crud’). Which would you rather own? Even if your only factor was size…the PCs are massive!

They’d be fine with only the iBook or Powerbook if they could run C. Macs don’t fail, at least compared to their PC counterparts. lol.

On the trip to Atlanta, I was part of a small vanload of six people. I noticed at one point that there were five DVD players in the van. That’s counting two iBooks, one team laptop PC, another laptop (which actually stayed in the owner’s luggage for the entire drive), and a Delphi Rear Seat Entertainment system.

(The RSE was mostly used with a Nintendo GameCube on the trip down, for about ten hours.)


My iBook: What you get when you mix gravity and laptops. :smiley:


The speaker(home made) was connected to the Sony Amp.(one of our memeber brought it) not CD player and I think iPod was connecting to the Amp.

BTW that grape juice bottle is empty

That’s because MacOS is almost a closed system. Apple only has to support itself. Microsoft has to support everyone else. not to mention the fact that pcs are (fairly) easy to upgrade, so when someone writes crappy drivers, Microsoft gets blamed. Plus, the odds of something crashing are mutch more likey (Microsoft has, what, 75% of the market? that’s 1.5 times the odds of a mac crashing). Sensing the pattern yet?

Recent rumors say that C and .Net will be supported in the 10.4 version of XCode

-C support for alpha proc is entirely compiler dependent
-.NET sucks. Good 'ole VS6 all the way!
-What’s XCode?

Wow…I am suprised no one has mentioned this yet. It makes me wonder if what I am seeing is correct or not. Are there not 7 laptops there (2 of them being dirty macs)?

At first i thought the same thing then noticed it is another teams seperate pit and they are talking about only thier own equiptment in their pit.