pic: WPI Frontiers Robotics Competition Winning Robot Shot

This is our robot scoring birdies.
This robot won the WPI Frontiers Robotics Program’s Tournament on July 25 at WPI. The game played in the Competition was the 2007 Savage Soccer Game. Teams had one week to build their robot out of the basic VEX Parts and everyday objects as approved by the Savage Soccer Rule Book. More info on the game can be found here at http://users.wpi.edu/~savage/Rules/.

Nicely done guys. It’s sure fun for me to see it all come full circle. How’d you like the game and are there any videos of Frontiers available?

Thank you. My team and I really enjoyed the game. There were a great deal of scoring opportunities between the birdies, the savage ball, and the ramp at the end. Autonomous was very rewarding too. There were a wide range of designs that really worked well between the birdie broom and the tread rollers. Defense was fun and useful in this game also. There was one team on the finalist alliance that would gather all of the white birdies from the entire field and then score at the end of the match, so what my team did was let them gather up all 16 white birdies defense free. Then we parked in front of the goal and then they couldn’t score because we raised our arm and it was in there way.