pic: WPI Regional Winning Alliance

The winning alliance of teams 40, 195, and 2370 on the field at the WPI Regional 2011

This alliance was so beast! Congratulations you guys fought hard and I’m so happy for team 40!

40’s ability to assemble an alliance seemingly custom-tailored to their success was outstanding.

Their first pick, 195, was one of the fastest robots in the competition. Despite no ubertube or minibot they consistently put up almost 6 tubes a match. 6 tubes! Seriously. With 40’s consistent auto and minibot already on board they grabbed a great partner who supported them all eliminations long with pinch tube scores, tube passes, and other assistance right when they needed it most.

2370 was by no means a slouch either. (Did they get 40’s minibot?) They’ve made the elims before with smart play and clever driving, and that’s exactly what they did here. I guess that minibot helped too. :stuck_out_tongue:

Great job.

Maybe. :slight_smile: More on that later.

What a great regional at WPI this year! Nothing made me more proud than to see everyone competing hard while still maintaining a friendly, positive atmosphere throughout the event.

I could not have asked for more gracious professionalism. The students, mentors, and staff exceeded my expectations and exhibited the best qualities that FIRST hopes to instill. Everyone who attended should be enormously proud of their attitude and behavior. And perhaps best of all, everyone had fun and was inspired to work even harder for next year!

-Dan R.
Team 2370