pic: WPILib Gearsbot 2.0 Overview

This desktop sized robot was made for the WPILib team to do development work on. It features different types of sensors, closed loop systems, and functions well for training. The aluminum mast in the back was just to hold an extra Axis Camera used in a competition the robot was entered into. Without the mast, the elevator system can fold down onto the top bed, then the claw carriage folds inside the elevator walls. This allows the robot to fit into a carry-on sized suitcase for safe travel to demos by the WPILib team.

General Subsystem overview:

-VEX 393 Motors with integrated encoders
-Talon Motor Controllers
-VEX Mecanum Wheels
-Gryo Stabilized

-Vex 393 Motor
-SoftPot Membrane Linear Potentiometer
-VEX 29 motor controller (Powered off DSC)

-VEX 269 Motor
-VEX 29 motor controller (Powered off DSC)
-VEX Potentiometer

-VEX 269 Motor with integrated encoder

Other Included Sensors:
-Front Ultrasonic Sensor
-Bottom IR Light Sensors (Optional, not currently implemented)
-1 Axis Gyro
-2 Axis accelerometer

All electronics except for the battery and radio (for size reasons only) follow FRC guidelines.

If there is enough interest I might consider posting my part drawings or even selling the acrylic kits.

Special thanks to our sponsor IFI for donating all the VEX Power Transmission parts, Cross the Road Electronics for donating the Talons, Ultimate Plastics for discounted raw materials, and WPI for funding the Project.