pic: X-Cats 2004 Robot


We made the weight!:slight_smile:

wow! 4 OR 8 wheel drive!!!
only question is ,how will you stay under 130???

What do we know, a LEGO bot.
How cute.
Is that a prototype you used before actual build or is it just a LEGO recreation of your robot? Looks cool none the less. :-]

It’s a Lego recreation of our bot. Very much an exact creation by the son of one of our mentors. He did a very impressive job, I must say.

8 wheel drive!

WOW! nice paint job! is that powder coat? it looks like your robot is made of plastic

nice job machining the parts so they look just like giant lego pieces - and where did you get those wheels?

it looks heavy though - are you gonna have to drill MORE holes in it?

also - I like you way you photoshopped the image so it looks like your robot is sitting on a desk :^)

Built for well under $20, built in one night, by one student in the PAW room no less. Much cheaper parts, easy to repair, less expensive to transport.
We’re talkin’ the future of robotics, buddy! :stuck_out_tongue: