pic: X-Cats Banner 2002-2005

May she enjoy “retirement”.

Why retire the banner? I was a little disappointed at FLR when I didn’t see it. Was very nice. I say bring it back next year.

It’s big. It’s cumbersome and after going to all the trouble to get two kids to sneak up top to hang it up and have to elude security (and one of the kids sprained an ankle jumping to a ower balcony) only to have security quickly roll it up an dthrow it on the floor right there I concluded it was time to retire it and make a smaller banner.
What’s wrong with this one?

I hope it will always have a home at the X-cats build site

I remember how many gallons of red and brown paint you sprayed on those white sheets, and how everything at the site was covered with red paint for a week or two

and how you could see it about a mile away riding the monorail at WDW :^)

[sigh] now I feel really really really sad - its belongs in a FIRST museum somewhere

Come to think of it, the FIRST flag the team made that year is obsolete - since FIRST has changed their logo.

Oh it has a good home.
Notice the big nasty tear right smack dab in the middle of it. That happened when me and Ellery were trying to hang it up in the parts area. It also has been brutalized from the get go far too easily ever since the elements of Florida just tore huge holes in it. It’s better off where it it.
As for you r flag Ken that has dissapeared recently (It was quite dirty and we sent it out to be cleaned and it never has been seen since).