pic: X-Static trading card info

This is X-Statics statics for scouting purposes. I highly reccomend seeking out the template and using it for your own scouting purposes. It is a tremendous asset.

Look at that, Now that is truly a nice looking robot!:yikes:
Long hours on that right there.^.^

You have a school for Magnets? Were they not born with that B-field thing? :slight_smile:

The secrets of the universe! lol!

Pieces (under the second X in xerox) is spelled wrong.

I knew I should have never lowered the opacity.:rolleyes:

I wish i could have been at site tonight to over see these things lol

Koko, I’m sorry, but I highly doubt you guys have an RB26DETT on your robot. Now a person who had a Nissan drifting car and a lot of money to waste might, but as for your robot, I’ll believe it when I see it.

What the heck is a RB26DETT? I never botehred to change the ingrediants from 1002’s template (or look at them, really). I was more concerned with changing the elements to fit our own robot’s description.

Ah, I hadn’t looked at 1002’s original template until now. I thought you had added that. As for the RB26DETT, its a racing engine from Nissan.

Hmmm. Maybe HOT could make a mini version of such a thing but unless AndyMark designs it you aint seeing it on our robot any time soon.

Man, I haven’t seen that in lik 2 years. Hmmm… if this catches on, I might considering asking our tech team to make a new one for this year/next year…

Why? This design is perfectly fine.

Nice, sounds like a great way to meet people at regionals/nationals. Great idea.