pic: XBot 08 4


These are our 4 inch omni wheels we made for the 2008 season. They are layered laser-cut delrin with a custom aluminum hub and use a AndyMark hub and rollers.

That’s beautiful!

I guess we should do something more exotic than buying $4 Colsons…

You made me cry by the awesomeness

i really hope they work out for you guys

i am amazed at the awesome decided that we should try to do something close, possibly, but maybe with bigger omnis. who knows?:smiley:

Hey, a 4 dollar Colson is a wheel, and most wheels roll. So in effect, you’re still doing an awesome job. If you’re not concerned about turning with Colsons, then they’re the ultimate for wheels.

Nice wheels, 488. Very nice.

Actually, we were hoping very much they would help us turn… we shall see!

Nice omni wheel by the way, looks sharp! what’s the weight?

They are about .7 lbs. each.

These are probably the nicest omniwheels I have ever seen. Congratulations on a very fine job.

dang, i hope the rest of your robot is that impressive