pic: XM14 Capping High - Team 48

Another shot of the robot capping high. Oooh, shiny parallelograms.

I like the linkage driven arm, with the latex tubing counter force.

I’m curious as to why the omni wheels are on the front. Wouldn’t you want them in the rear, to move the turning center closer to the tube for more controllable placement?

Thanks, 67. :slight_smile:

…with the latex tubing counter force.

Thanks, 148. :slight_smile:

Quite honestly, we didn’t think about that factor during design, but I’ll lie and say we did it for better maneuverability when driving backward from picking up tubes to returning to the scoring zone. From what I’ve observed from the robot operating as-is, I think the current placement will not pose any large problems for drivers (given additional practice).

We can easily swap axles and try it out though. Thanks for the idea.

Awesome Looking Robot Guys!! I really like that Mast :slight_smile: I can’t wait to see you guys in Smokey Mountain!! I’m hoping I will be able to go…

Bout time you got on CD, Mark. Welcome.