pic: Yeager Robotics (FRC 2468 Team Appreicate)

FRC 2468 Team Appreciate’s logo was modified and used in the new Transformers IV - Age of Extinction movie. In addition, our Rebound Rumble Robot Spud has an action sequence with Mark Wahlberg and Nicola Peltz in the movie.

What kind of scene? How cameo is it, like, a FIRST robot playing a FIRST robot? Is he secretly a tranformer?

Way to make it loud, then.

Yeah, that’d be cool, but no. The robot is located in the workshop of Cade Yeager (Mark Wahlberg). Coincidently, his shop looks very much like our shop at school, but much bigger. I say “looks like” since they’re both evidently “lived in”.

The robot does have a speaking part… kind of.

Our team and some close local friends were fortunate to be invited to a sneak peek screening last night.

That was fantastic!!!

Funny story. One of the set designers was walking around a mini-Maker Faire in Austin and met our team. He got the teacher’s contact info (Coach Norm). He came by the school and arranged to borrow some stuff (Rebound Rumble robot, some FTC robots, motors, batteries, odd parts, etc.).

There are many cool stories that should be told by those who were there, on set. But that is how we got involved… plain old outreach that turned Hollywood. In this case, literally. We were just very fortunate in this case and happy to help.

Just a couple of lucky jerks…lol. its great! Great way of making it loud! Are you guys in the credits? I didn’t see anything, but I could be wrong.

No, unfortunately not.

Yea I saw the movie today. And I saw the bot. I was like whut, a FIRST bot :smiley:

When my boyfriend and I saw it, both proud alumni mentoring multiple teams, we freaked out and the people sitting next to us gave us the weirdest looks. It was awesome to see a FIRST shown like that! Congratulations! :slight_smile:

So is this becoming a thing now? 1114 was on Degrassi. 842 has ties to a movie that is coming out soon. 2468 is in Transformers. I’m pretty sure there was a FIRST robot briefly in a TV commercial a while back. Congrats and way to make it LOUD!!!

What? How’d that happen.

I don’t know the details, but it was kinda cool, considering it was Simbot SS… (and by kinda I mean very cool)

Saw it tonight! My brother and I were with another couple FRC alumni, so it was super cool to see that they were allowed to leave the team’s competition bumpers on for the shoot!

Congrats guys, awesome way to get yourselves out there!


I’m ashamed to say that MY MOTHER, who has never been to an event but has seen live streaming when I scurried all over the field as FTAA in Las Vegas this year, spotted the FRC bot (didn’t know what team it was, but that it was FRC) when I took her to see the movie tonight. I told her it had to be a Rebound Rumble bot and finally saw the team number and told her what it was and the team name. The people in front of us turned around because I accidentally kicked one of their seats when I was trying to figure out the team number and I explained to them what the deal was.

Very cool cameo.

Merci beaucoup!

For any CDers who haven’t seen it, there is a reddit thread which includes this GIF of the scene.

I saw the FTC bot first because it showed up first, and you know the Samantha module with the FIRST logo on it is something I’ve seen oh maybe 10000 times now. This was awesome that you got to do this. The funny second scene the robot was in when the fire exploded in the barn, I jumped because for a moment I thought it was the robot that was sparking. Needless to say I got funny looks when I said, “No! not the robot!”

I just got home from watching it and I almost yelled “Hey thats Appreciate!” (only my girlfriend (also FRC) had any idea what I was flipping out about) and then something like “lucky them, why can’t we get something like that!” Great way to make it loud.

Now I just might go see the movie. Way to go 2468!