pic: Yeah Its Got A Hemi Too!

Well, I saw the picture of 494’s hemi decal, so I thought I’d post 33’s.

Last year’s robot has a full “yeah, it’s got a hemi” sticker on it, but I don’t think I have a picture.

I really liked your labels on everything in your robot. When i saw a few of them (the small white ones) it gave me a laugh. I especially liked the one for your “finger”.

yeah, we have just a ‘little’ fun with the label maker…ok so lied, we have alot of fun. such as one located on the bumpers. “Fragile! Do not hit”

Is that two fisher prices linked back to front running into one Dewalt?

Yes sir! They are linked together by a small shaft collar.

Yep, the pinion gear on the back one is pressed out a little, then pressed on
to the little part of the pinion that sticks out the back of the front one…both going into one DeWalt. They have a spare that uses a little shaft collar, which would be easier than pressing it on. There used to be two dewalts there, as you can see the mount for the other one, but one was taken out and this configuration was used…not positive why, maybe someone that was on the team this year can answer.

Here’s the best pic I could get of it…

I thought that on the FP shaft it is the splined portion (slightly larger diameter) that actually makes the good press, so if it is pressing onto the smooth portion on the back of the other one then does it still get a good press fit? (I know that was probably horrible grammar) Anyway, I’m sure whatever you did it worked great. I have always thought doing that was kind of cool ever since I read about it in a Technokat whitepaper. I don’t recall so I ask: exactly how much shaft does stick out the back of the motor?