pic: Yeah!! We finally finished making Orbit Balls!!

Here is part of the “team” that helped us make orbit balls, and all of our finished orbit balls!! We made 90 in total (I forgot we didnt have enough strips to make 100, so my last count was off). 10 Empty Cells, 17 Super Cells/Awards, 63 Moonrocks, and we have 20 regular Orbit Balls!! Let the games begin!!

Many thanks to all the parents, team members, mentors, spouses of mentors, grandparents, and random people who just volunteered off the street to help make all these orbit balls. Here’s to an awesome Rally!

Great job all! :smiley:

Color key:
Black are empty cells
Camo are super cells
Black/Red/White are moon rocks (as are all the store bought ones)

Greta job and that probably took a long time. I love the colors, they are sick

If they’re anything like the real thing, a lot of them will be broken soon. You might want to make some more. :rolleyes:


After Scrimmage, please post an update on how well these balls held up to some robot rough-housing.

After all that effort, those Super Cell/Awards are going to be a valuable commodity! :cool:

Way to kill the vibe, John.:rolleyes:

Ours will probably be more robust than the real ones. The real ones use a cheap plastic connector that is easily broken. These are pop-riveted together for each strip. Not to say they won’t break - just that they’re pretty tough. We’re actually concerned that these will be more robust than the real balls which is why we’re not replacing the few real ones we got so that we can use those for our official “testing”.

Thanks also to Gus for the help with the video and instructions.


Sorry, it is unfair of me to vent my Orbit Ball related frustrations here.


Don’t sweat it, John.
Our robot just turned some of our orbit balls to masses of broken plastic and fabric.

It’s ok…Gentlemen, we can rebuild them. We have the technology. We have the capability to make FIRST’s best orbit balls. Better than they were before. Better. Stronger. Faster. :wink:

You must make a video of your build process using this song.

Geeze, ain’t nobody that appreciates good allusion anymore.

OK boys and girls under the age of 25, what’s Cynette’s quote from?

Now time to start building the robot :stuck_out_tongue:

A what? :confused:

Oh my, I knew we were forgetting something! :cool:

Bionic Man.

Do I win?

Try the Six Million Dollar Man… Classic

After making our balls, we wanted to do some testing with broken bands. It took many throws as hard as people could into a concrete floor to get both pop rivets to come out. The Lexan never broke. The same type of throwing quickly broke a real ball. In retrospect, it would have been easier to drill out the rivets, but throwing them was more fun.

We did similar testing of our adhesive-bonded practice balls - no failures at all.

We also used hot glue to join the fabric ends. It’s faster and easier than sewing and also is quite robust (no separated seams after an impromptu soccer game).

We found that balls pop riveted/glued together acted differently than the store bought balls, do the balls you made still flex like they do?

Slightly different. Yes, we thought of this too. They are a little stiffer than the store-bought kind but they flex enough so that there won’t be any problems.