pic: Yes, he is a tricky little gnome.

i photoshopped this in about 30 mins… enjoy

That’s . . . Odd. Oh well, what do you expect from FIRSTers? :smiley:

Does this mean Lavery wont be at the kickoff!?

Wait, he has the technology of warp speed, nevermind.

First of all, don’t tell Dave your name.

Second of all, if you see him coming to team 868’s pit… run away…

… Good luck. =)

The reason Dave will presumably want to kill you is not because of his face being on a gnome, but for the simple reason that you put a Dunkin’ Donuts bag in his hand.


yeah, i couldn’t find any krispy kreme bags.

Anyhow, thats not actually dave, its just the population on mars that sprouted from his rogue cells off the mars exploration rover… and krispy kreme hasn’t gotten there yet. Once they do get a taste of krispy kreme, prepare for a full scale invasion. :stuck_out_tongue:

I can’t decide what I like best:
the key
the puppy on the shoe
or the smile



What did I tell you?

You do know that KK doesn’t have bags like that, instead they have boxes, and hats!:smiley:

Wow! I never knew Dave was the star of my favorite Children’s Television show David The Gnome! Dave you rock!