pic: YMTC: 150 points or 100 points?

YMTC: Volunteer1 and volunteer2 hanged but volunteer3 can’t not hang for more than 10 seconds because he is tired. Do we give him the 50 points? So he took a day off from work, so he worked 12 hours, so he is hungry, so what! Rules are rules, right? :wink:

I dont know, but that bar is certainly not 10 ft in the air :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey, my robot is tired too :wink:

Although at times the FIRST field crew work like robots, that still doesn’t mean that they are robots.

Therefore, I quote a Simpsons episode.

“Tell me where in the rules it says that a human being can not be a robot!”
“Right here sir, Rule #1

So, in closing I DQ All 3 teams, and award the hundred points and the victory to the team that does not have a human player on the field. :smiley:

I’ll be fair about this 100 pts. Not b/c they’re hanging but b/c the Krispy Kreme diet has made it possible for them too hang!

he dude next to mark doesn’t count b/c he has been eating the Dunkin Donuts diet and has made him to heavy to hang