pic: YMTC: DQ or Parking Ticket?

It happened at the NYC Regional therefore "You Make The Call":
DQ the team (no points) or Traffic Tick for illegally parking in a no parking zone ($115). :wink:

i wouldnt dq the robot i would have just given them penalties until they got out.

well they are crossing the plain of the field, i would of thrown a penalty,and if they are stuck disable them cause that could bring potential injury to human player

That is time to disable a robot.


ok heres the “low-down” on this occurance, that team was is a pushing/pulliung match with another team over a goal. The other team won and pushed them back, winding up into the ball coral, what you can see is that they physically couldnt get out and also were “locked” in there with the goal pushed into them on the other side. Later on in the competition, another team drive straight across the field in ayton driving into a ball corral. But since they immediatly drive right back out of it after auton they werent flagged (to my knowledge).

looking at the picture, i doubt they would be able to get into the ball corral by themselves in that orientation, even if they where trying. I assume that they were pushed into the corral, and therefore if anyone gets penalized, it should be the pushing robot.

I would 1) penalize pushing robot 2) disable pushed robot

I’d agree.

<G04> If a ROBOT goes out-of-bounds (outside the playing field) to the point where it has to apply force to any out-of-bounds surface to rejoin play, its control system will be disabled and the ROBOT will be disabled. For purposes of this rule, the BONUS BALLS and BALL TEE are considered part of the playing field.

The arena manual says

The carpeted Playing Field is 48 feet by 24 feet, bounded by two Walls and a Guardrail System.

Thus, it seems the ball corral is considered out-of-bounds. Since the robot is on the ground in the corral and must drive on it to get back in, the rules seem to call for disabling the bot.

<G28> If any part of a robot is in a Ball Corral (breaks the vertical plane of the diamond plate of the Wall), a referee will throw a 10-point penalty flag. The robot operator and the human player have a shared responsibility to avoid contact. If a team member touches the offending robot, that teams’ robot will be disabled. If a robot pushes another robot to break the plane, the pushing robot will be assessed the penalty. If a human player touches a robot that has been pushed into the Ball Corral, the pushing robot and the pushed robot will be disabled.

The robot who pushed this robot into the ball corral should be given a 10 point penalty.

I (The Driver of the pushing team) did not mean to push them Out of bounds, I was mearly trying to get the goal to the ball drop before the 45 seconds came about. My team was flagged with a 10 Point penalty and graciously accepted that what I did was wrong but in the same matter un intentional. The blue alliance ( The pushie) got a penalty flag also. I think they got it for partially driving into the ball corral. I just helped I guess. Well all I can say is that it happens and Sorry to the team I pushed in there. (They dont have and visible numbers on their robot… why??)

first off that team should be disabled b/c that can pose a serious hazard. parking tickets only get issued to them if there robot somehow turns off by itself. :slight_smile:

I believe thats team 335 and their displayed team numbers were in the front and rear of the robot.

And i’m sure that it was un intentionable and an accident. I’m sure this won’t be the first regional or last competition that you see this happen.

That is probably the smallest and lightest robot I’ll ever see.

How did they pass inspection? Rule states 4" - 3/4 stroke on all 4 sides.