pic: You know your robot is strong when...

We took this at ramp riot.

The question is, where’s Big Mike? :eek:

(I remember one meeting after we shipped Ockham that we had Hockham with our coach sitting on top, towing two smallish students and me in office chairs. And yes, we were wearing safety glasses.)

Was that a pose or was your Pit that crowded? :smiley:

Ya, the drivebase is strong but I know we all remember this. Just kidding, that robot really was a rock! That was just a freak accident I think. You guys deffinately had the most simple robot that kicked complicated robot butt. :cool:

Poor robot! lol

aww, i agree w/ ash, poor robot…well that def looks like my team when we were in our shop, there was like 5 or 6 of us on our robot, an it still works…haha :stuck_out_tongue:

Strength doesn’t come down to how much weight you can support, it comes from how much you can move!


That’s static loading. It’s the dynamic loads and impacts that you have to worry about.

any robot that can hold and transport its team has found its purpose and can be considered complete

It can EASILY move all of us. That thing has pushed an 800 lb. table. During the build season we mistakenly hit the controls and it moved a huge metal construction table.

Our robot 3 years ago our robot was able to push our mentors car around teh school parking lot. I’m dead serious, and i will def try to find the pic of it an put it up on here.